Shakespeare In and Beyond the Ghetto

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Disseminating the ProjectThe dissemination of the project is an essential component and a key goal of Shakespeare in and beyond the Ghetto. It is not simply documenting and recording of the activities, as much as creating outputs which will have a lasting impact in the field and an independent life and circulation. Film plays a key role in the dissemination process. The preparatory stages of the play are covered by the BBC in their documentary Shylock's Ghost (2015) part of the Imagine series by Alan Yentob. A documentary by Italian broadcasting company RAI is devoted to the production: Perché Shylock (2016) by Felice Cappa. The show is also featured in another documentary: Venice and the Ghetto (2016) by Klaus SteindlRadio: The Merchant is discussed in the BBC radio documentary The Venice Ghetto (2016) presented by leading Renaissance scholar Jerry Brotton.

The digital dissemination of all the outputs and materials will eventually culminate in The Shylock Encyclopedia, a digital platform that will be created to make available online an invaluable set of resources for scholars, students, and practitioners. The site will be linked and included in the MIT Global Shakespeare project.

Along with this Website, events are presented on various social media channels, including the facebook page and a twitter account, and covered in the popular blog

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