Shakespeare In and Beyond the Ghetto

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The Partners

Ca' Foscari University of Venice (Project Leader) is a public university based in Venice, Italy. Its Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies (DSLCC) promotes research and offers interdisciplinary courses in 22 different languages. Among the areas of research relevant to creative projects are the comparative study of foreign literature and dynamics of literary genres, their interactions with other forms of expression (cinema, theatre, visual arts) and the relations between literature, culture, society, and politics. Every year Ca' Foscari organises several events and cultural activities: literary and film festivals, conferences, exhibitions, music performances, and a theatre season.

The Foundazione Giorio Cini is a non-profit cultural institution based in Venice, Italy, and its Institute of Theatre and Opera manages collections and sections dedicated to European theatre and opera. The Institute also organises and promotes exhibitions, conferences and workshops in the field of its own research activities. Giorgio Cini, based on the Island of San Giorgio, has been the stage of many artistic events at the crossroads of different disciplines.

Two major UK institutions, University of Warwick and Queen Mary University of Londonbuild on the work carried out through their joint programme Global Shakespeare. This unique partnership shaped the research agenda in Shakespeare studies through an innovative jointly-delivered MA programme, creative research projects with partners such as Dash Arts and People’s Palace Projects, and a series of public seminars which have brought together expert writers, actors, directors, and scholars.

The German partner Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München one of Europe's premier academic and research institutions, has a long and internationally renowned tradition in Shakespeare Studies, making it the leading place for this field in the country. Against this background of academic excellence, Munich Shakespeare studies is also remarkable for its involvement in a wider social field, in particular, artistic institutions and creative contexts. Through a strategic partnership with the Shakespeare Institute at Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, and its current focus on “Shakespeare and Creativity” in connection with the Royal Shakespeare Company, working relationships have also been established with German theatre companies such as the Bremen Shakespeare Company and local institutions.

The Tony Bulandra Municipal Theatre is recognised as the "youngest theatre in Romania". Established in 2002, it has the youngest troupe of actors in the country. Bulandra has two teams – one dedicated to puppet and children’s theatre, and one for the great stage and the studio. They have an outdoor amphitheater close to the city’s historic centre and to the park, which has been used to stage children’s plays during summer and project films and recorded shows during the BABEL International Performing Arts Festival. As an initiative of the Tony Bulandra Theatre, The BABEL International Performing Arts Festival managed in just three years of existence (between 2007 and 2009) to become one of the most robust performing arts festivals in Eastern Europe.

Beside the six official partners, the project has also been endorsed by "I 500 anni del Ghetto di Venezia" Committee, created by the Jewish Community of Venice and the Municipality of Venice to honour the landmark quincentennial of the Ghetto in 2016, and two major UK institutions, the Shakespeare Institute and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust.


Steering Committee

Shaul Bassi (Università Ca'Foscari Venezia, Italy - project leader)
Maria Ida Biggi (Università Ca' Foscari Venezia & Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Italy)
Liviu Cheilou (Tony Bulandra Municipal Theatre, Targoviste, Romania)
Tobias Döring (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany)
Carol Chillington Rutter (University of Warwick)
David Schalkwyk (Queen Mary University of London)


Advisory Board

Jerry Brotton
Thomas Cartelli
Kent Cartwright
Paul Edmondson
Stephen Greenblatt
Diana Henderson
David Scott Kastan
James Shapiro
Stanley Wells

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